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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hiya Everyone!
Just a quick post this evening (I say that everytime I know). I'v been doing a 'series' of quick, pocket thank you cards. I acctually made a collection for YouTube, but the lighting wasn't that good, and the camera battery kept running out (you know how it is, murphy's law effect) so I deleated them. I'v just posted two of my favourites on here.
On the other hand, my Two Pea's order arrived! $80 and not alot of stuff. Oh well, I LOVE it! I'm going to put a few cards on Etsy that I have made using my new supplies - or maybe not (can I bear to part with my beautiful creations?! lol). The last card I sold on Etsy was my favourite and I was so sad to see it go... And you know whats really fun? Alchemy (on Etsy), and it's great for me, because if someone offers $15 for something, I get $30 kiwi dollars - shotties!!!

Anyway, thats all (I told you I'd be quick)
Have a great week!
- Savannah ;)

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