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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Irish Dancing Quiz

Name: Savannah :)
School: O'neil
Organization: ???
Region: New Zealand
School Colors: Uhh Dark blue, Greem and white - I think :)

Softshoe Dance: Reel
Hardshoe Dance: Treble Jig
Ceili Dance: 3 hand
Set Dance: Plaxty Dury (thats not the right spelling, haha)
Dress Designer/Company: Dont have one
Hardshoe Brand: Rutherford
Softshoe Brand: Hullachan
Professional Dancer: Dont have one
Show/Tour: Riverdance
Feis: Dont have one
Performance: Christmas Show - deffinatly

This or That
Wig or Natural: Wig
Socks or Tights: Socks
School Dress or Solo Dress: Solo
Team or Solo: Solo
Hardshoe or Softshoe: Hardshoe
Traditional Set or Non-traditional Set: Non-traditional Set
Shoftshoe- Split Sole or Full Sole: Split Sole
Hardshoe- Split Sole or Full Sole: Full sole
Reel or Jig: Reel
Treble Jig or Hornpipe: Hornpipe
Full Wig or Bun Wig: Full
Poof or Fringe: Poof
3 Panel or 5 Panel: 5 Panel
Fake Tan or Natural: Fake :)
Feis or Performance: Feis
Outdoor Feis or Indoor Feis: Indoor Feis
Trophy or Medal: Medal
Tiara or Headband: Tiara

Yes, No, or Maybe
Do you want to be a dance teacher?: Nah
Are you still going to dance when you’re an adult?: Maybe
Have you been to Worlds?:Np
Do you want to compete at Worlds?: Yes
Are your friends supportive of your dancing?: Yes
Are you friends with the people you dance with?: Yes
If you have children, will you sign them up for dance classes? If they want to - yes.
Do you own a solo dress?: Yes
Do you wear a wig?: Yes
Does your wig match your hair color?: Yes - but it's a bit diffrent.
Do you wear a lot of makeup?: (In competition?) Not really
Have you gone to a feis just to watch?: Yes
Have you ever made up your own dance?: Yes
Are you going to a feis soon?: Yes, August 29th :)

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